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Angie's Upholstery Cleaners in Wimbledon Deliver Professional Results

Your sofas, armchairs and other soft furnishings take a bit of a hammering during their lifetime. Food and drink spills, dirty paws and greasy fingers mean they won’t stay fresh and clean for very long. Unfortunately, these comfortable pieces of furniture often get forgotten, and rarely have a place in a normal cleaning schedule. So when you finally get round to thinking about cleaning your upholstery, the level of dirt and stains mean you’ll struggle to be effective at cleaning it by yourself. The only truly effective solution is to call 020 3404 0811 and book upholstery cleaning in Wimbledon from Angie's Cleaners Wimbledon. We have the manpower and arsenal of cleaning equipment needed to deliver the best possible results. This allows your upholstery to live longer and provide comfort for many more years to come!

Wimbledon Upholstery Cleaners Who Energise Colours and Freshen Up Your Soft Furnishings

We’re more than happy to take your call and explain exactly how we undertake our carpet cleaning service. Because if we were in your position, we’d do just the same. For this reason we’re glad to share our methods online via this website, saving you from having to call and ask yourself. So here’s how we do it:

  • Our Wimbledon upholstery cleaners always prefer to come and view your upholstery so we can see for ourselves what needs to be done
  • After the initial inspection we can then decide on the best cleaning method and pre-treat any heavily soiled areas
  • If we decide to clean your upholstery using the hot water extraction method it means we’ll be spraying hot water under pressure deep into the fibres. For this reason we only use this method for synthetic fabrics
  • Dry cleaning is another method we might choose to employ. For delicate fabrics this method is much more suitable as no water is involved. A cleaning product is applied under pressure, deep into the fabric of your upholstery and then together with the dirt it is vacuumed away
  • One more option is dry foam cleaning which utilises a foam that dries in 10 minutes, and can be vacuumed away along with the dirt

Angie’s Upholstery Cleaning Services in Wimbledon

Our upholstery cleaning services in Wimbledon have become very popular for commercial and residential customers because our reputation precedes us. We always ask customers for their feedback because without their input we wouldn’t be able to grow. Some of the latest comments can be seen on our testimonials page and you can add to them when you’ve experienced the value of our service. But why do our customers keep coming back for more? Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Cost-effective prices and quality that can’t be beaten
  • Flexible booking slots that mean we come when it best suits you
  • Customer care lines that are always open with a team of guys and girls that are happy and eager to help you
  • The cleaning products we use are eco-friendly and won’t harm you, your family or pets
  • Save more of your money by booking multiple services such as handyman services together with rubbish removals, or any of our other comprehensive range

Upholstery fabric cleaning services can be booked quickly and simply online using our contact form, or over the phone today.